The preparation of tax returns is becoming more and more complex. The tax rules undergo constant change, which tends to add increasing layers of complexity to the tax reporting and planning processes.
We find that an increasing number of individuals seeking out our services, because they do not have the ability, the inclination, the time (or some combination of these) to deal with their tax reporting obligations.
Particularly when your circumstances stray from your normal pattern, you may suddenly find yourself outside your comfort zone. These are some of the events that frequently trigger a need for professional tax return preparation services:

_ receive stock options from your employer;
_ accept a job that enables you to claim auto and other employment expenses;
_ become an independent contractor;
_ start up a business on your own ;
_ acquire a rental property;
_ become separated from your spouse; or
_ become responsible for the tax filing obligations of others

There may not be a single event that pushes you over the edge. Perhaps the annual job of preparing your tax return has finally become too time-consuming or you may no longer be completely confident that you are getting the full benefit of every deduction and credit to which you are entitled.

We handle the full range of tax preparations and to help you in organizing your tax information, visit the Download section for the current version of our tax checklist.